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Verified by 365id is a complete ID security service that effectively stops fake and invalid passports, ID cards and driving licenses. In just a few seconds, the authenticity and expiration date of the ID document will be verified by using the 365id Scanner®. All you need is internet and power.


You can integrate the result from the 365id Scanner® to your business system. 365id can send personal information etc. from the ID documents directly to your Point of Sales System “POS”.


As an additional service, we can help you validate data against other databases, such as people’s registration addresses or drivers licenses from external databases.


In criminal investigations of identity fraud, traceability to the ID document that was used is often missing. If desired, every time you use the 365id Scanner® a copy of the scanned ID document can also be saved.


For each scan that results in the ID document being considered invalid, you will receive an email, which explains why the document is considered invalid.

365id stops ID fraud in all industries

“We stop over 100 invalid ID documents every day, ranging from expired ID documents to fake passports, ID cards and driving licenses. The fraudsters try to rent cars, take loans or get an electronic ID, acquire mobile phones and subscriptions”

Johan Hagelin, CEO 365id

ID fraud – a major challenge for our society

The ID security-service, Verified by 365id®, is designed to make you aware of fake and invalid ID documents quickly, safely and easily. All at a very low cost and without investments. You subscribe to the service and access a 365id Scanner®. Scan as much as you want for a fixed monthly fee!

Plug and Scan® – Customized for every industry

The 365id Scanner® only takes a few minutes to install – then you can start scanning ID documents. 365id stops ID fraud by verifying genuine and revealing false passports, ID cards and driving licenses. The scanner also checks the ID documents expiration date. You can choose to store an image of the scanned ID documents.

The 365id Scanner® is currently used by banks, telecom operators, car rentals, logistics, hotels, government, car dealers, electronic commerce, machine rental and in the HR process department in of a number of different industries. Today 365id have customers in more than 10 European countries.

Companies using the 365id services have discovered that fraudsters avoid entering if they see a 365id Scanner® at the checkout – a safer working environment is provided!

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