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365id Scanner

365id Scanners are used in areas where identity documents are validated to secure the identity of customers. Insert a passport, driving license, or ID card, and a few seconds later you´ll get feedback on the authenticity and expiration date of the document. The scanner reads all standard-sized passports, driving licenses, and ID cards. It is simple to use and requires only internet and power.

How does it work?

Result validation

Green indicator
Verified Ok
Unknown document or lack of security features
red indicator
Verified invalid


  • Scans passports, driving licenses, and ID cards 
  • Check authenticity and expire date
  • Extract electronic data from chip in passports etc. with NFC technology*
  • You can choose to store copies of scanned documents 
  • Online functionality 
  • Option to transfer data from ID document via API or USB cable 
  • Plug and scan, only needs internet and power
  • Document holder for mid-sized documents


*NFC Scanner only


Physical Characteristics

Electrical Characteristics

Environmental Characteristics


Other Requirements





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