Manage your 365id Scanners, 365id App, SDK, scans, and settings in one place

Why 365id?

We offer an easy-to-use service that provides a fast and reliable method for authentication and storage of ID documents.

Whether you are a large bank, a car rental company, a hotel, or a mobile phone store, our solutions can protect you and your customers from criminal activity while meeting all the necessary legal requirements.

The 365id Portal

In the 365id Portal, you can easily and smoothly see how many 365id Scanners are active, how many ID documents you have scanned, and collect relevant data.

The portal provides a complete overview of your scanners, scanned ID documents, create reports and see the list of passports, ID cards, and driving licenses that 365id validates. 

If you have chosen to save images of scanned documents, and given permission to one or more users, you can download images of the document in the event of fraud, insurance matters, or other errands. 

portal collection

Employer access and data management

365id Portal overview

You can have one or more administrators who can create new or delete users and contacts. As an administrator, you decide who shall have access to the 365id Portal, receive reports and emails when invalid documents have been scanned and give permission to download images of scanned documents.

There are different access levels for users, you can e.g. see all the 365id Scanners in all offices and download all documents or only see the local scanners and the local scans. It is entirely up to you to set the permissions for your team members.

More information

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