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About TSD

Since 1983, TSD has provided its customers with web-based fleet management software solutions to manage their rental and car fleets.

TSD´s software solutions are used by independent and franchise rental companies, car dealers, car manufacturers and public car groups worldwide. The software gives customers increased CSI, (Customer Satisfaction Index) reduced responsibility towards liability, you get stricter control over the fleet and all its costs as well as increased process efficiency and much more.

TSD and 365id have been collaborating since 2020 and hope that the combination of their offerings will be revolutionary for the car rental market in general and the United States market in particular.

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Easy-to-handle customer flow

The integration between 365id and TSD automatically inserts text information and images from scanned driving licenses, passports and ID cards directly into TSD’s rental contract.

In addition, the verification result (Green/Yellow/Red) of the scanned document will be presented in the rental agreement for later reference

You will have a smoother customer process and prevent ID frauds by revealing fake documents. All you need to do is to insert the documents in your 365id Scanner.