PEP and
Sanction lists


The word PEP means a person in a politically vulnerable position who has or has had important public functions in a state or an international organization. Important public functions include the head of state, members of the Riksdag, and judges of the Supreme Court. It can also be ambassadors, CEO or board member of state-owned companies, or high-ranking people in an international organization.

A PEP often poses a greater risk of bribery or other forms of pressure.

Sanction lists

Sanction lists refer to EU and UN lists of people and organizations that are linked to criminal activities such as terrorism. Banks and exchange offices are obligated to comply with the sanctions regulations and may not carry out any transactions for a person or organization that is included in the current sanctions lis

Quick and easy

365id offers PEP and sanction checks based on several different PEP and sanction lists. This is an effective solution for our customers as the process itself is both fast and user-friendly and is done automatically immediately when you (you) scan ID documents in your (our) 365id Scanners.

365id helps you connect the right PEP and sanction lists for your business. The service that 365id uses to check PEP and sanction lists is used by a large number of companies that do over 13 million checks daily.


  • Check the authenticity of the ID document as well as PEP and sanction lists in the same step
  • Quick and easy
  • Complies with AML directives

Get started with external controls of PEP and sanction lists with 365id! 

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