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Make the customer journey smooth, fast, and safe
with the market's most efficient ID verification solution

Real-time verification

365id is a full-scale ID security company, with solutions for all situations. From the local machine rental company to major international players in the financial industry. With the market’s most flexible infrastructure and world-class data management, we can provide a premium product at an extremely cost-effective price picture. Do as hundreds of customers around the world – work with 365id and make your customer journey safe, secure and fast.

Multiple Units

Whether you want to use our hardware or software, we have the solution. Our infrastructure and ecosystem makes it possible to use different devices to collect data, identify, verify and transfer information.

Know your customer

Customer identification is today a legal requirement for many industries, so-called “know you customer”, which are guidelines for organizations and companies to stop money laundering and financing of illegal activities. By using 365id, we help you identify and verify your customers and transfer the information to your business system, this provides a smoother and more professional customer journey as well as a safer and more secure everyday life for your employees.

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Contact Us

Contact us if you want a free demo och have any questions regarding our solutions. A member of our sales team will contact you as soon as possible. 

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OCR Optical Character Recognition

Our advanced models for learning and AI make it possible to read, read and transfer the text on the card in just a few seconds. It is fast, fully automatic and following GDPR standards to 100%.

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Integrations for external systems

Enhance the use of 365id by integrating data, i.e name, date of birth, image, etc., from scanned ID documents into your business system. By working with 365id, you get increased security against fraud and will experience a seamless customer process when data from the scanned ID documents automatically populates your system.

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External controls by third parties

365id can also provide most external controls. In this way, data read from the card can be sent to, for example, the Swedish Transport Administration to check the card's validity. Matches against PEP and Bisnode are also available.

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