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About Dogma Systems and MyRent

Since 2008, Dogma Systems has developed MyRent ™, a complete car rental system. MyRent is easy to use and highly customizable, used by hundreds of car rental companies around the world, their customers have anywhere from 25 vehicles to 10,000 vehicles, small to medium sized companies and available in 6 languages.

Easy-to-handle customer flow

MyRent is 100% integrated with 365id: Just insert the ID document in the 365id Scanner and all information will be imported automatically into MyRent. Connect the scanner to the internet and start scanning.

In addition, the verification result (Green/Yellow/Red) of the scanned document will be presented in the rental agreement for later reference

The setup with MyRent enables you to use one 365id Scanner to more than one desk and you can have several 365id Scanners at one branch and smoothly capture the data to the correct rental agreement.

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