Logistics & Delivery

Verify ID documents and stop fraud attempts in real time

Benefits for you

Verify ID documents and stop real-time fraud attempts. The information can also be seamlessly transferred to your existing business system for further processing.

Stop and detect ID fraud

Fast and easy transfer of customer data to the business system

Storage of images from ID documents

Low and flat monthly cost regardless of the number of scans

Real-time verification

With 365id, ID documents from all over the world are verified in real-time, which makes it easy and smooth for companies within Logistic & Delivery to verify the identity of their customers.

The authenticity of ID documents and their expiration date are verified in a few seconds and the answer is presented instantly. As part of the service, the ability to store the images on scanned ID documents is included. The image can be used for e.g. investigations and you as a customer determine the storage time.

Companies in Logistics & Delivery that use 365id also have the advantage that fraud is prevented, as fraudsters avoid delivery points where 365id Scanner is located.


An integration with us means that customer information from scanned ID documents is automatically transferred to your business system. You select which information, text field or image on the ID document that you want to have transferred.

Cooperating with us at 365id means that the security of your business is increased and improved combined with smoother and safer work processes. At the same time as the customer process and the actual business settlement between you and the customer becomes faster and more secure for both parties.

Easily integrate with your existing business system for seamless transfer of customer information.

Easy to use

365id Scanner only requires power and an internet connection, which makes it easy for new users to get started immediately. No training is required to be able to handle the system and perform scans of ID documents. Clear icons for approved or invalid ID documents are displayed and cannot be misinterpreted.

Our software is based on innovative ideas and the latest technology in verifying ID documents in real time. We work continuously with the development of our system to always be one step ahead of fraudsters’ ingenuity around ID fraud.

Storage of ID documents

With 365id, you get the ability to store images on scanned ID documents. This significantly simplifies administrative work. In criminal investigations into identity fraud and in the event of damage and insurance cases, the advantage is that scanned ID documents are available. You as a customer choose whether storage should take place and how long the storage time should be.

With this service we can easily assist with which ID document was used at which specific time.

The copy of scanned ID documents and driving licenses is stored and, if necessary, these can be downloaded via the 365id Portal or ordered at support@365id.com.