Enhance the use of 365id by integrating data from scanned ID documents into your business system.

Enhance the use of 365id by integrating data from scanned ID documents into your business system

Enhance your offering by integrating with 365id

Enhance the use of 365id by integrating data, i.e name, date of birth, image, etc., from scanned ID documents into your business system.

By working with 365id, you get increased security against fraud and will experience a seamless customer process when data from the scanned ID documents automatically populates your system.

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Faster customer processes

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Improved customer experience

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More time to serve customers and increase sales

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Storage of images from ID documents

Why integrate?

Today’s society is moving towards efficiency, pace and mobility. By using 365id’s simple API (Application Programming Interface), the information from scanned ID document can not only be verified as genuine but also extracted and sent to your POS (Point Of Sale) system. This brings a number of improvements for both your customers and your employees.

  • Customers will experience faster customer management, which means an overall positive and professional experience.
  • Employees do not have to enter information manually, which prevents typos caused by human hand, in addition more time is given to serve the customer and thus increase your sales.
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What is integration?

365id verifies ID documents at the same time as we extract the text information on the document. An integration means automatic transfer of data, in real time, to your business system, regardless of which industry you represent.

365id has a number of different integrations to offer:

  • API – as soon as a scan is completed, the information is available on our servers for download
  • USB – as soon as the scan is completed, the information is transferred to the local computer via USB
  • 365id Integration, where we tailor the program that is downloaded and run on the computer

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Our integration partners

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Banking & Finance

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Web-based Integrations

Do you want to integrate with 365id?

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For you

• Increase your revenue • Increase your competitiveness • Makes it easier to attract new customers

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Your customers

• Faster customer process • Improved customer experience • More professional customer process

Integrate with us and receive the following and more:

  • Logo and dedicated partner page on our webpage
  • Unique pricing
  • 365id Scanners for demonstrations on exhibitions
  • Online training modules

ID & Customer Data Streamlining

365id verifies ID documents and at the same time reads and extracts text information from the document with OCR. (Optical Character Recognition-technique).

The integration solution enables automatic transfer of text information and images from the scanned ID document directly to your business system. In addition, the result of the scan and the outcome of any control against external databases / systems can be included and transferred to your system.

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