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Experience seamless integration between 365id and Renteon.
Stop fake ID documents and speed up each rental by up to 2 minutes

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699 Year
  • Set up Fee 799 €

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450 Year
  • Set up Fee 450 €
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With an ID verification solution from 365id, the correct customer information is transferred quickly, easily, and securely to your existing business system for further processing.

  • Faster customer process
  • Improved customer experience
  • Secure customer onboarding

Easy-to-handle customer flow

Renteon fully supports the use of a 365id Scanner with all tools needed for customer management. With just one click, 365id will automatically insert pictures and text from scanned ID documents, driver’s licenses, and passports into the rental contract, and save them inside the address book. The information from the address book, once saved, can be reused for the customer’s future contracts.

All you need is access to the internet and the 365id Scanner. With our scanners, you are significantly reducing manual work, the possible risk of data entry errors and reveal fake driving licenses.

How does it work?

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