ID Protection for Car rental services

ID Protection for car rental companies

Can you relate to the following scenario?

A number of car rental services are on a regular basis falling victims for similar costly problems; that ID fraudsters disappear with- or cause damage to your cars. However, situations like these, and the additional costs involved, are something that can- and should be avoided with our help.

As a car-rental service you are subject to legal requirements to verify the customer’s driving license, we have noted a great need for help to do this.

In which ways can 365id help your car rental service?

The 365id Scanner® helps car rental services to verify identity documents and, in particular, the authenticity and validity of drivers licenses.

The ability to store images of scanned documents gives your car-rental service a safe and effective way to handle insurance cases and damage management, etc.

The checkout and customer process gets more effective so that you can spend more time on the customer while stopping ID fraud quickly, easily and at a small monthly fee.

As a car-rental service you also have the option to add the additional service, Validated by 365id, which verifies Swedish driving licenses by assuring that they are not blocked or reported lost by the Swedish Transport Agency.

The Plug & Scan® system

The 365id Scanner®

The only things that the 365id Scanner® really needs in order to function is internet and power. This makes of an easy start-up process and complex integrations can be avoided. The scanner can however be connected with other systems if so desired. The scanner is easy to use and your personnel need no formal training. Just plug-in and start scanning.


  • Handles passports, ID cards and driving licenses
  • Verifies the ID document authenticity
  • Checks expiration date
  • Can save an image of scanned ID documents
  • Adapted according to GDPR
  • High level of data security
  • Installation and service support
A number of car rental services have already signed up with 365id in order to achieve a high level of ID security, contact us for more information!

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