About us

We provide the world with ID verification services in one ecosystem.

365id was founded in 2015 and our headquarters is located in Sweden.


Our main office is located in Halmstad, Sweden in an old factory building now housing over 100 companies. We even have our own hydroelectric plant providing us with sustainable energy. 

Great coffee

At our office we always serve great coffee and last year the number of coffee machines increased by 100%.

We like each other

It's true, we really do. We are a diverse group of people from different parts of the world with different opinions about everything. That's a good thing.


We are working out together at least once a week and there are lunch walks almost every day.

Meet our CEO

Johan Hagelin is an ID verification entrepreneur who, in 2015, designed the first cloud-based ID verification platform and founded 365id. Johan is proud when he explains that 365id is the Spotify or Netflix of ID verification services. What drives Johan and the company is a safer society and to make ID verification accessible and affordable.

johan hagelin circle