365id NFC Scanner

Read and verify the electronic
chip in ID documents


Historically, you could say that ID scanners are large, clumsy and expensive machines that require an IT project to start and months of maintenance each year for companies or agencies considering using them.

With this background, 365id and 365id Scanner came to life. With cutting-edge technology, both in the actual handling, you only need the internet and power, the scanning procedure, the verification and the infrastructure, 365id revolutionized the ID security industry.

365id nfc

How does it work?

Traditional ID scanners allow a local computer handle the software for identifying, verifying and managing the images the ID scanner takes365id went another way and made the service cloud-based, where the scanner acts as an advanced camera, taking a standard white, an infrared and an ultraviolet image. These are encrypted and then sent to 365id servers.

At the same time, the scanner’s NFC (Near Field Communication) reads out the electronic chip on the ID document and attached to the images sent to the servers.

Once received in the cloud, the images are unpacked and identified on the white image. With the help of the UV and IR images, the security details are checked, which determines whether the document is genuine or false.

All textual information is read out from the document, e.g. name and expiration date, and all information is available via our API or USB cable for further use.

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process beskrivning ikon

The response is sent back to the 365id NFC Scanner with a result based on the various images and expiration dates.

  • Green face, verified ok
  • Yellow face, unknown card or too few security details
  • Red face, invalid
365id scanner

Easy start-up – Multiple use cases

Transferring customer information from scanned ID documents in 365id NFC Scanners to a business system is an important factor for several businesses, combined with authentication and the ability to store images from the scanning. Banks and financial institutions need to check that cash and large transactions are with legit individuals , car rental and sales people need to know that the driving license is genuine, in stores you want to know that the hire-purchase plan or credit is linked to the right person. Parcel deliverers need to know that the right person picks up the goods, etc.

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