Protect your car rental business from illegal & fraudulent drivers!

*Special offer valid until March 31st 2021

Benefits for you

With an ID verification solution from 365id, the right customer information is transferred quick, easy and secure to the existing business system for further processing.

stoppadbedagerier ikon

Stop and prevent ID fraud

overforing ikon

Save time with automatic transfer of data

overskadligkostnad ikon

Low and cost-effective solutions

lagring ikon

Storage of images from ID documents

Verx Logo

365id are happy to announce the partnership with VerX – who instantly check the validity and class of any Canadian driver's licence. Our joint offering does both check the authenticity and expiration and validity of driving licenses.

What our car rental customers say

Oreste Ruffolo
Oreste RuffoloOperations & Project Management​
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“The integration with MyRent Software and 365id is very efficient for our operations. The document verification service is fantastic for our security and overall costs. I am increasingly convinced that 365id device is fundamental for the processes of ANY Car Rental Company”
Miika Savolainen
Miika SavolainenOperations Director​
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“365id Scanners are extremely easy to use, provide fast document verification, accurate reporting and increase our security measures cost-effectively. All in all a great service.”
Mateusz Budzyński
Mateusz BudzyńskiOperations Director
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"We have been using 365id scanners at our business. During this time, we had many situations, where 365id helped us. It works fast, efficiently and safely. It is also integrated with Wheels Car Rental System, which makes it even more useful than stand alone tool. Car rental process is pushed to be time efficient and accurate, and 365id is strong tool to improve both!"
Maria Tsakatoura
Maria Tsakatoura Commercial Director
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"To me , apart of the obvious plus of security, the greatest benefit is the minimization of time of data entry and record keeping. In busy locations like airport desks and port offices 365id has been a great asset for our partners that simplifies the checkout process. Also being in a country with non-latin alphabet, the assistance of the 365id team to add Greek characters has indeed been much appreciated as it was a necessary tool for us. " ​
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