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365id has the solution for identity verification, helps you onboarding customers, follow AML and reduces the risk of fraud

WHY 365id?

With an ID verification solution from 365id, you meet the requirements for AML and KYC, the correct customer information is transferred quickly easily, and securely to your existing business system for further processing. Our complete ecosystem of ID Verification solutions offers both Physical Scanners and Online ID Verification.

Meet legal requirements​

A first, critical measure to prevent money laundering or attempted money laundering, is to ensure that a person is who they pretend to be. For most companies, this means checking the driving license, passport or ID card of their customer

Benefits for you


With a 365id solution, you get a simple service that is easy to use and provides a faster method for authentication and storage of ID documents. Whether you are a large bank, currency exchanger, pawnbroker or lawyer, our technology can protect you and your clients from criminal activity and at the same time meet all the necessary legal requirements.

Fast and reliable customer onboarding processs.

Verify the authenticity of ID documents to prevent fraud 

We offer cost-effective solutions and a fair business model

Easy to install and use. You’re ready to scan in minutes

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Contact us if you want a free demo och have any questions regarding our solutions. A member of our sales team will contact you as soon as possible. 

Our Solutions

Whether you want to use our hardware or software, we have the solution. Our infrastructure and ecosystem makes it possible to use different devices to collect data, identify, verify and transfer information.

Customer identification is today a legal requirement for many industries, so-called “know you customer”, which are guidelines for organizations and companies to stop money laundering and financing of illegal activities.

By using 365id, we help you identify and verify your customers and transfer the information to your business system, this provides a smoother and more professional customer journey as well as a safer and more secure everyday life for your employees.

app 1x1

  • Image capture of ID documents including detection of type and region
  • Face recognition
  • Liveness check
  • Reading data from chip in passport
  • Transfer of textual data and image from scanned document to your business system
  • One API – integrate with 365id and you can easily use our cost-effective ID Scanners, ID App and SDK
  • Access to 365id Portal
  • Third-party external checks
  • Rebranding possibilities to fit your company profile

scanner 1x1 1

  • Only needs internet and power
  • Scans passports, driving licenses and ID cards
  • Checks authenticity and expiration date
  • Image of scanned documents can be saved for later use
  • Possibility to send the information from the ID documents via API or USB
  • Low and flat monthly cost regardless of the number of scans

NFCscanner 1x1 1

  • Only needs Internet & power
  • Verifies the authenticity of ID documents
  • Verifies expiration date of ID documents
  • Extract data from electronic chip in passports
  • If desired, store copies of the scanned ID documents
  • Data from scans available from our Rest API

Storage of ID documents

With 365id, you get the ability to store images on scanned ID documents. This significantly simplifies administrative work. In criminal investigations into identity fraud and in the event of damage and insurance cases, the advantage is that scanned ID documents are available. You as a customer choose whether storage should take place and how long the storage time should be.

In certain markets the law say that all foreigners that stays at a hotel should be identified and the data stored for 90 days, with our service, this can be handled for you. We can easily assist with which ID document was used at which specific time.



Easily integrate with your existing business system for seamless transfer of customer information from scanned IDs and driver’s licenses.

365id app ikon

Real time verification

With 365id, ID documents from all over the world are verified in real-time, which makes it easy and smooth for companies within Banking & Finance to verify the identity of their customers.

The authenticity of ID documents and their expiration date are verified in a few seconds and the answer is presented instantly. As part of the service, the ability to store the images on scanned ID documents is included. The image can be used for e.g. investigations and you as a customer determine the storage time.

Companies in Banking & Finance that use 365id also have the advantage that fraud is prevented, as fraudsters avoid banking & finance offices where 365id Scanner is located.

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